Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last night, whilst mooching a growler of pale ale from our resident master brewer Nathan Riley, we happened upon an idea.  Mr. Riley has assorted specialty grains, and some hops left over in cold storage.  I have assorted malts, extracts, hops, and yeasts left over in cold storage as well.  Since we are both loathe to let "potential" beer go to waste, this is what we came up with:

As a VBAWG event (possibly annual), we should brew a "Frankenbier".  Each member or interested party comes to the assigned brewing location with whatever they have left over that they would like to get rid of.  This can be anything: base malts, specialty malts, extracts (dry or syrup), hops, yeasts, adjuncts, etc.  No one should tell what they're bringing to anyone else.  The challenge is then to assemble a "drinkable" recipe from these items and brew it.  Problems solved: We rid the world of the scourge of uncontrolled beer ingredient leftover proliferation, and we make a (possibly good) beer as a group.


  1. That is brilliant! Has to be done in the mild weather so it can be brewed in a garage. We have to publicize it so anyone interested can watch and observe the brewing process.

    Great idea guys.

  2. So, I guess we should think of a date.

  3. I kind of like your suggestion to do it in the Autumn and have it ready for Halloween.