Monday, May 14, 2012

"Greg's Fathers Day IPA (PA?)" is Bubbling away like crazy.  Good ol Safale S04.

Since I had hops left over, I got the grain to do an English Mild Ale.  The grain bill for my system assuming 60% efficiency is:

7 Lb. Maris Otter
0.4 Lb CaraAmber 27L
0.4 Lb Crystal 60L
0.2 Lb Chocolate Malt

This is about half of my first AG batch grain bill! Should be much easier to mash and sparge.

Got me another Safale S04 as well. Going to hop it with 1 oz Willamette for 30 min for about 20 IBU.  Says it should be around 3.2 % ABV and 14.7 SRM balance on the malty side.

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  1. This is very interesting. You can't have too many British type ales available at one time! It's like a Rule.