Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Step by step brewing videos for Hard Cider

So if you are going to brew a hard cider with Mr. Beer, how do you do it step by step?  These videos from Mr. Beer were very helpful to me before I brewed for the first time.

Step #1: Sanitize - Video tells you how to sanitize your Mr. Beer fermenter.

Step #2: Brew Hard Cider w/ fruit.

Ferment for several weeks.

Step #3: Bottling.

Step #4: Cleaning your Mr. Beer keg.

These are a pretty painless way to study for your first Mr. Beer brewing experience.  A complete list of how to videos are here.


  1. I would recommend Star San to that stuff that comes with the kit for sanitizing. I can give some to Jeff already mixed up.

  2. Thanks Brad. Good to see the steps all the way through the process before I get started.